Preproduction Forms/Charts

Forms for download

These are forms that are either featured in the book, or that I’ve added, that you may find useful. Feel free to download, edit, change, and use them as you’d like. If you have some suggestions for other forms, or would like to see some features incorporated into the existing ones, email me!

Category/Name Description Word/
Storyboard A single-page 16×9 storyboard template, with room for a description Word PDF
Scene Analysis Director’s scene analysis sheet (one pg. per scene) Word PDF
Script Breakdown Producer’s script breakdown sheet (one pg. per scene) Word PDF
Cast Breakdown Breakdown sheet for producer, director, and casting director Word PDF
Cast Questionnaire Long-form questionnaire for directors Word PDF
Expense Sheet Can serve as a Purchase Order, petty cash envelope, or check request Word PDF
Payroll Sheet Can be filled in and sent to payroll company with timecards Word PDF
Crew Payroll An Excel sheet with calcs to make handling crew payroll easier Excel
Cast Payroll An Excel sheet with calcs to make handling cast payroll easier Excel
Petty Cash Petty Cash signout sheet Word PDF
Callsheet A letter-size, single-sided callsheet, perfect for low-budget shoots Word PDF
Production Report A letter-size, single-sided production report, aimed at low-budget shoots Word PDF
Cast List Short cast list Word PDF
Crew List Short crew list Word PDF
Crew List – Alternate A larger, more comprehensive crew list Word PDF
Vendor/Location List Vendors and locations list Word PDF

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