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New SAG-AFTRA Low Budget Rates

Following the merger of the two film and tv actors’ unions into SAG-AFTRA, the leaders and members of the organization set about the arduous task of figuring out the next ‘edition’ of their standard film, television, new media, and non-broadcast

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Podcast Interview With Author

I’m still preparing a new blog entry, to delve into the connection between preproduction and distribution, but in the meantime, you can enjoy an interview I did for Brian DeCicco’s ongoing series “Boat Over the Mountain” (an excellent resource for

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New Review of Book up on MicroFilmmaker Magazine

MicroFilmmaker Magazine just published an in-depth review of the book! Check it out here.

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Compassion For Actors

COMPASSION FOR ACTORS: Actors are the butt of many jokes – among the crew, the producers, or a group of directors sitting at a bar together. Even actors like to make fun of themselves. We all know the stereotypes: the

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A New Review on Pro Video Coalition

The cool folks over at Pro Video Coalition have written a review of the book! Read the review here. Pro Video Coalition is a great site – full of gear reviews, articles on technology, business, and creative/producing issues, coverage of

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