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New SAG-AFTRA Low Budget Rates

Following the merger of the two film and tv actors’ unions into SAG-AFTRA, the leaders and members of the organization set about the arduous task of figuring out the next ‘edition’ of their standard film, television, new media, and non-broadcast

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Podcast Interview With Author

I’m still preparing a new blog entry, to delve into the connection between preproduction and distribution, but in the meantime, you can enjoy an interview I did for Brian DeCicco’s ongoing series “Boat Over the Mountain” (an excellent resource for

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Author’s “Tech Forum” Talk Is Online!

Recently, author Arthur Vincie was invited to speak at the University of Advancing Technology’s Tech Forum, a week-long gathering of folks from the fields of game design, filmmaking, robotics, marketing, and tech finance (to name a few). UAT kindly shot

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Interview with the Author at

MovieMaker Magazine just published Check it out: a quick review of the book and an interview with me on their website!

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Making The Most of Rehearsal Time

At first glance, rehearsing for film makes no sense – you’re shooting out of order, and you have the ‘luxury’ of doing retakes, moving the camera, and cutting it all together in post. It’s just money spent that you can’t

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