Author’s “Tech Forum” Talk Is Online!

Recently, author Arthur Vincie was invited to speak at the University of Advancing Technology’s Tech Forum, a week-long gathering of folks from the fields of game design, filmmaking, robotics, marketing, and tech finance (to name a few). UAT kindly shot

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Interview with the Author at

MovieMaker Magazine just published Check it out: a quick review of the book and an interview with me on their website!

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Making The Most of Rehearsal Time

At first glance, rehearsing for film makes no sense – you’re shooting out of order, and you have the ‘luxury’ of doing retakes, moving the camera, and cutting it all together in post. It’s just money spent that you can’t

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The Mythical Limited Location Shoot

Lately I’ve been talking to a bunch of writers who are trying desperately to write the ‘limited location script,’ and to producers who are desperately seeking to option one. The idea, on the surface of it, makes sense. A producer’s

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E-Commerce Added… Sort Of

After trying assorted WordPress plug-ins and wrestling with our web hosting service to obtain an SSL certificate, we decided for the time being to offer online purchasing through PayPal. Once we have multiple offerings on the site (other books, perhaps

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